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What makes this SEO, website promotion and digital marketing service for you unique is the fact that I'll help you with your webpage to increase your sales as well as help you be found in the search engines and social media....

All Local, International and Digital Businesses May Now Increase Traffic And Sales with Rick Kirkham's Monetized For You On Topic News Service

This video website example of reaching number one of Google with the help of Rick Kirkham's Monetized for You on Topic News Service closes after the contest is over in November of 2024. Here's a link to the SEO and traffic enhanced website. Remember it expires in November of 2024.

Get More Traffic To Your Website And Increase Sales With Breaking On Topic Monetized For You News

You and all small business owners may now take advantage of both local, national and even international news to advertise and market your website, products, services and increase your sales. That's right! What was once only available to huge businesses is now available to all businesses including yours to help automate:

For those of you who don't know, SEO stands for search engine optimization. It's how search engines such as Google and Bing find your business.

What is Rick Kirkham's Monetized for You on Topic News Service?

It's a news aggregator program that I wrote myself, designed to bring on topic breaking news to your website. Rick Kirkham's Monetized for You on Topic News Service has three places to advertise your products and services on each automatically generated new webpage. These links, assuming you already have a website, will link to specific webpages on your website.

Rick, I don't have a website. Can you still help me make money online?

If you don't have a website, I'll either provide you with a blog which you can write yourself or a single webpage (design example) WITH your own domain, which is a website address for example. Using Rick Kirkham's Monetized for You on Topic News Service version 2.0, all of your primary advertising and design will be cloned by each news web page. In other words this automatically builds your website for you!

What Are The Benefits And Features Of Rick Kirkham's Monetized For You On Topic News Service?

Advertising and Style is Consistent with Your Primary Website

Version 2.0 keeps the headers and top information of your website. In other words the very important top fold before people have to scroll remains the same. So your prospective buyers scroll down to see the news link after seeing your primary advertising and if you're a service business, your contact information.

A different web page for each on topic Monetized for You news report

Rick Kirkham's Monetized for You on Topic News Service creates a separate web page and separate title tag for each news report. The title is then repeated after scrolling down while the prospective buyer sees your advertisements.

Three places to advertise and make money online

Actually with version 2.0 the amount of advertising that can be placed on each news web page is infinite, but I'd stick with three. You don't want to look spammy and drive visitors away. My stats show potential buyers come back to see your on topic news repeatedly, which is just what you want to increase your sales.

  1. The Top Post advertisement stays on top and even goes into the RSS feed. I'll explain what an RSS feed is later, but for now I'll let you know I have a little trick so the social media this top post goes to doesn't recognize it as duplicate content.
  2. A scrolling marquee linked to another web page or offer to help make you money online and increase sales.
  3. Add On Text to the on topic news article title with a link going to your main web page or offer on the same line as the monetized news link. The program also changes the title tag to help your main advertisement or webpage show up in Google and other search engines.

Automated Social Media Promotion to 4 to 5 Platforms.

Through the RSS feed Rick Kirkham's Monetized for You on Topic News Service produces and a service I pay for online your on topic new web pages and advertisements go to four to five different social media sites. This automated posting to social media sites also gets indexed by Google and other search engines.

Rick, what's an RSS feed?

RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication. It's an easy way to share information to other websites and automatically to some social media platforms such as Twitter and Pinterest. Rick Kirkham's Monetized for You on Topic News Service produces it's own RSS feed. Here's an example of an RSS feed generated by the news aggregator program. This is however, as I write this, version 1.0 of the program. The RSS feed itself doesn't change so the version doesn't matter.

Looks like gobaldy goop to you right?

But to a program designed to read that information it's data candy. You don't have to worry about reading it yourself don't worry.

See my article for another trick to get Google to find your Twitter posts for another strategy to get your website seen in social media and found on Google and other search engines.

Other On Topic Monetized News Articles Listed

Google and other search engines love lists. It's a legitimate way to list the keywords that are pertinent to your webpage and website. Basically, the more these keywords are listed throughout your webpage naturally, the higher the search engine ranking for those keywords on that webpage search engines give you.

Yet another way to impress Google

Clicking a link to another webpage on the same website also impresses Google and other search engines. So the list of articles serves at least a twofold purpose. Some webpages of on topic news articles will not be indexed by Google. That's just the way it is. It's a numbers strategy, but because the articles are listed on web pages that are indexed by Google, the indexed pages could show up in searches from the list of articles. Thus prospective buyers are still landing on your website, seeing your products and services and getting the information they're looking for from your website.

Rick, I'm not hosting my main website with your website hosting service Can I still get Rick Kirkham's Monetized for You on Topic News Service to help increase my traffic and sales?

ABSOLUTELY! I'll build you a promotional website on my website hosting. Your primary website is probably branded with your name. Your promotional website will be keyworded to the primary keywords used to find your products or services with links to the appropriate web pages on your primary website.

Rick, won't my website clients get confused if they come from another website?

Absolutely not! It's no different than an online article or press release. In fact, having backlinks leading to your website is a basic SEO and digital marketing technique.

Rick, this sounds perfect for a busy business owner like me! What's my investment in my own business?

I currently have two programs for Rick Kirkham's Monetized for You on Topic News Service.

Automated Ontopic News Only

This is the on topic news only plus you get me once a month to help you with the SEO and sales-psychology on your website. I have an extensive background in both. The cost for the automated website promotion program is onl $49.00 per month. An annual rate is available as well.

Fully Managed Website Promotion

This website promotion program gives you the automated, on topic, monetized for you news and my consulting services whenever I see something that can be improved or to answer your questions. The cost for the fully managed website promotion program is only $150.00 per month. An annual rate is available as well. If you're website is not doing well or you want it to improve faster I recommend the Fully Managed Program.

Coming soon Treat It Like My Own Website Promotion

This is just like it sounds. You need a keyworded article written, and adjustments to your website for SEO or to increase sales. I'll do them! Have you added your local business to as many local directories as possible? That's my job now!

I'll have an introductory price for Treat It Like My Own Website Promotion of $995.00 per month. That's obviously not for everyone, but if you're wasting a bunch of money on ads that aren't producing then use that money to hire me instead! If you really need the Treat It Like My Own Website Promotion program before I finish the website sales page for it just send me an email and I'll get you started.

Okay Rick, how do I get started with Rick Kirkham's Monetized for You on Topic News Service to increase traffic and make more money online?

Just go to my main order page. Feel free to shop while you're there.

There'll be a Google form for you to fill out. After that select your subscribed service using the PayPal pull down menu and click Subscribe. DON'T WORRY, you don't have to have a PayPal account to subscribe to my service so I can help you, you can use your credit card at PayPal's secure processing website.

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