Make Money with Coffee Free Website for Six Months

I'm accepting 5 people who want to make money online who see the value in owning their own websites to make money in their own business working from home with the most popular drink in the world, COFFEE!

I'm accepting 5 people who want to make money online who see the value in owning their own websites to make money in their own business working from home with the most popular drink in the world, COFFEE!

You'll be making money online working from home with affiliate marketing NOT mlm or direct sales

This particular coffee affiliate marketing program is two tier. That's why I can afford to do this. If I help you make money online working from home with this affiliate program, I make some money as well. The same thing applies to you if you help others get started making money online with this healthy coffee affiliate program using your own affiliate link.

What you get to help you make money online working from home

Your own domain name

NOT a subdomain! An actual unique website address so Google, Bing and other search engines will treat you seriously.

Your own professionally designed website

I own Website Hosting for The Busy Business Owner. I'll provide free website hosting for six months to give you the chance to begin making money online working from home with this healthy coffee affiliate program before your monthly subscription begins.

Social media buttons

On your affiliate marketing website you and your prospective buyers can use the social media buttons to promote your website and increase your sales. You and your prospective buyers can also use a program I wrote myself to copy the title, description and URL to the clipboard where it can be pasted anywhere. For those that don't know a URL is a website address.

ME! J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. SEO and Sales Psychology Expert.

I know how that sounds, but unless you know an SEO expert with a strong sales and writing background who also happens to be a dual certified teacher with a background in behavior modification, my statement stands. You have an advantage by having me in your corner.

Okay Rick, how does this make money online working from home with this healthy coffee affiliate program work?

You MUST sign up using the link on this healthy coffee affiliate instructions webpage

If you have suggestions for a domain name you'd like let me know in the form below. Otherwise I'll pick one related to selling healthy coffee for SEO reasons.

To promote your healthy coffee website read Every article on my website about sales and marketing

You get your website free for six months

Get signed up for website hosting. There's a $49.00 setup fee since I set up your custom healthy coffee affiliate website by hand. After that your next payment of $49.00 will be deducted in six months and every month after. If you did your homework and read my articles about sales and promotion on six months is plenty of time for you to start making money online working from home.

FAQs about the healthy coffee affiliate program and your free for six months website

Is it guaranteed that I'll make money online working from home?

Absolutely not! You're starting a business. There are no guarantees in business. The best thing you can do is believe in yourself, sign up for the program and study the articles I wrote on increasing sales, traffic and digital marketing techniques. It's actually even simpler than it sounds.

What if I sign up and then cancel later so I'm not charged in six months for the website?

I'm sorry all you honest folks reading this, but there's always one person trying to steal from you and get something for nothing. Any cancellation of your subscription will result in a breach of contract and your website will immediately be subscribed to another person.

Can I add other affiliate products to my free website?

For the free version of your healthy coffee website, your product must be a multi-tier affiliate program so that I can also sign up with it. You must sign up under me. Otherwise, I won't make money on the 6-month free website service. When you begin your monthly subscription that is of course possible.

Your other option of course is to sign up for my automated website promotion or even my fully managed website promotion service.

Rick, I don't know anything about making money online. How do I get started?

WARNING: You're going to find product owners, called vendors, who will tell you to just drop your affiliate links in Facebook groups and earn $507.00 a day. Read my article/video Video - Affiliate Marketers Stop Posting Affiliate Links! Do this instead….

After you get signed up for your website, read every single article on BusyBusinessHosting and BusyBusinessPromotions on sales and marketing

How long will it take you to make my custom website Rick?

Give me up to two weeks. It usually doesn't take that long for me to build a website, but I'd rather tell you longer and have it done in a shorter period of time than be late. There's your first sales tip. Never be late. Always overdeliver.

Well Rick, I certainly believe in myself enough to invest only $49.00 into my future. What do I do to get started?

Fill out the Google form first. Then subscribe using the PayPal button below. You don't have to have a PayPal account to get started, but if you're going to run a business online you really should get one. It's a lot safer than leaving your credit card all over the Internet when you make purchases. You can also use PayPal as I just did to securely collect payments.

To Summarize

Questions about your free for six months website after reading the appropriate material?

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