The Handsome Man System by Behavior Modification and Sales Psychology Expert J. Richard Kirkham

You clicked the Handsome Man System Link! If you came from my article on Basic Sales Techniques to Increase Sales on Your Website or In Person it’s because of one of two reasons. You think you’re ugly or simple curiosity. Either way, I’m going to share some knowledge and resources with you that I wasn't planning on sharing.

I learned this when I was involved with a dating service. Now I share this important information about attracting women and looking good with you….

My then boss's wife had started her own business. A dating service. I was their best salesman in their full-time business. She asked me to join because she needed more men to join. This was via phone at that time. I made a profile describing myself and what I was looking for in a date. I knew how to sell even back then and it showed in my profile. I got lots of requests and met a lot of very nice ladies. I won’t be going into more detail on that because sales techniques are sales techniques whether you’re using them in your personal life or business.

I was very surprised when I found out other guys didn’t know how to talk with women

Out of curiosity, I’d asked how some of the women’s dates went. Jeez, I couldn't believe how clumsy guys are around women. Everything from not having the slightest idea of what to say on a date with a woman to darn right sexual harassment. I was actually embarrassed for my half of the species.

If you don't think dating is about sales, you're not doing it right

So let me give you this tip which applies to sales in all parts of your life. You have two ears and one mouth, use them proportionately. People love to talk about themselves. Give them the opportunity, ask leading questions and they'll love you for it and you'll get the information you need to decide if you want a second date.

Okay Rick so if being handsome isn't physical what is it then?

Confidence! It's also externally expressing your confidence outwardly through your speech, dress and actions.

Sales training will help this confidence a lot. I used to be shy and introverted. My first sales job sent me to sales school. I came out confident and extroverted. Learning how to use my smile, handshake, quick wit and words to express or if you will, sell myself.

So Rick, Can You Help Me with Gaining More Confidence?

There are three ways I can help you build your confidence…

The Confident Man Program

WARNING: This confidence program for men covers all aspects of self-confidence including those of a romantic adult nature.

The Conversation Confidence Guide

This social confidence program will help you with the following:

The best way I can help you is with customized one-on-one sales training!

You see, unlike someone who is just good at sales and thinks he/she can teach it. I am a trained, experienced, dual certified teacher.

What does that mean to you?

It means I know how to transfer my knowledge of sales techniques, behavior modification and sales psychology to you or your team in a comfortable, fun manner while creating a learning environment that improves retention.

Rick, I Want to Hire You by The Hour for Sales Lessons

In person custom sales lessons and tips if you’re in Honolulu Hawaii or anywhere on Oahu. Zoom anywhere in the world.

Hourly Rate

Email me with the details

Oh, I forgot, your final option is to do nothing at all, but is that really an option? Why did you read this all the way to the bottom? The change will feel good….

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