SEO, Website Promotion and Sales Tips and Editing Service to Increase Search Engine Rankings, Traffic and Sales is Now Available to EVERYONE!

Baner for SEO, Website Promotion and Sales Tips and Editing Service to Increase Search Engine Rankings, Traffic and Sales is Now Available to EVERYONE!

STOP! If you've landed on the website marketing and promotion explanation webpage looking for ways to passively make money online working from home don't worry you're on the right website. Just click here to visit the webpage on making money online working from home.

If you've never had a website before and need help even selecting your domain name which is your website address, you found the right webpage. Just scroll down, get signed up and I'll take you step by step. Don't worry, I'm here to help you.

And Now Back to How You Can Benefit from These SEO and Sales Increasing Services....

Rick, I've already spoken to you about increasing my sales and SEO. I'm clicking here to order your business enhancement services

What makes this SEO, website promotion and digital marketing service for you unique is the fact that I'll help you with your webpage to increase your sales as well as help you be found in the search engines and social media....

  • Do you need to increase your sales?

  • Do you need more traffic on your website?

  • To be blunt do you need to make more money for your business either online or offline?

Here's a video example of an increasing sales and SEO analysis to give you an idea of how I'll help you increase your sales and traffic to your website

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Noncustomers of May Now Benefit From The Same Features and Advice Customers Do

To help increase sales on your website I will:

  1. Edit and tweak or make suggestions for your website for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  2. Edit and tweak or make suggestions for your website to increase your sales

  3. Edit and tweak or make suggestions for your website to improve your call to action

For this, I'm normally paid $95.00 per hour.

You'll also receive these products and services to improve traffic and sales to your website

I'll make a separate domain (website address) for you using the proper keywords to attract customers from search engines. All links will lead back to your primary website. Don't worry. It won't confuse your customers. It's just like linking from an article or press release except a lot better.

Rick Kirkham's On-Topic Monetized for You Breaking News Service A $29.00 Per Month Value will bring you fresh content from news sources linked back to your website or special offer.

Rick Kirkham's Post Repeater Script Also a $29.00 PER MONTH VALUE will be set up for any posts made on your website provided your website has an RSS feed (almost all websites do).

Types of Services for You to Increase Your Traffic and Sales

Basic Website and Marketing Management of Any Hosting Service

I'll create another blog for you on If this is your first website this will be your primary website. Building a promotional website is done because some websites such as Wix and Groovefunnels do not support PHP. I'll use your website as an example but tweak the text for sales and search engine ranking. All links will lead back to your main website. Despite what some SEO "experts" tell you backlinks continue to be very important for search engine ranking.

Don't worry! This will not confuse your prospective customers. It's not any different than finding your website through a published article or press release on another website.

You'll get one critique of your website per month and ALL the auto marketing programs listed above for only $49.00 per month.

Rick do you have an example of the free blog I get to increase my traffic, search engine ranking and sales

Take a look at Any Kine Junk's free blog to increase sales and backlinks .

Note that all of these keyword phrased links from the blog lead to Any Kine Junk's primary website.

Any Kine Junk's Twitter account which is populated automatically with Rick Kirkham's On-Topic Monetized for You Breaking News Service

Any Kine Junk's LinkedIn account also populated with Rick Kirkham’s On-Topic Monetized for You Breaking News Service.

All of these links lead to Any Kine Junk's main webpage thus automatically creating new keyword phrased locally targeted backlinks every six hours!

I'm sure the owner would admit the improvement in sales closes on the website and descriptions for both sales and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) were due to yours truly, Rick Kirkham.

For all of this, the only investment for your business is $49.00 per month!

If you think that's amazing wait till you see this....

Completely Manage Your Website and Marketing

I'll treat your website with as much care as you do. I got this website and marketing.

You get all the features above and...

I'll help get your primary website listed in directories such as Google Maps and Bing Places. I'll also help get you listed in as many local business directories as possible WITH the right keyword phrases to make it easier for your prospective buyers to find you.

I'll add and edit content or make suggestions whenever it's needed to your promotional website as well as help you edit and add content to your primary website.

All this for only $150.00 per month.

Time to Decide on Your Future

If you continue to do what you're doing you will probably get the same results. You're an expert in your product or service. I'm an expert in getting your prospects as excited as you are. Let us do our jobs and help you....

Legal stuff

Increases in sales and or traffic to your website are not guaranteed. Hard work and investments in time and money on my part are necessary to help you increase sales and traffic. Therefore no refunds will be granted. By ordering one, some or all of my services you agree to these conditions.

Note from Rick Kirkham

SEO, advertising and marketing are processes not events. There's a lot going on in the background you will not even see. Anytime you want to see your statistics just email me with your details.

My point here is though be prepared to commit to six months before seeing any significant results. Once again legally speaking results are not guaranteed.

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